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December 14, 2017
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IBEW Local 47 Job Information for Thursday December 14, 2017

There are 10 Standing Calls

(1) Journeyman Lineman

(1) Journeyman Lineman working 5/8's+OT for PAR in Anaheim. CDL A, Transmission

(1) Transmission

(1) Transmission Journeyman Lineman working 7/10's for Wilson in Lancaster. CDL A, Transmission

(1) Eq Specialist

(1) Eq Specialist working 5/8's for Cal Pacific Contractors. Grade Checker

(5) Underground Eq operator

(1) Underground Eq Operator working 5/8's for A.M. Ortega in Bonita. Class C, Excavator

(1) Underground Eq Operator working 5/8's for A.M. Ortega in Bonita. Class C, Grade Checker

(1) Underground Eq Operator working 5/8's for A.M. Ortega in San Diego. Class C, Motor Grade Blade Operator

(1) Underground Eq Operator working 5/8's for A.M. Ortega in Carlsbad. Class C, Grade Checker

(1) Underground Eq Operator working 5/8's for A.M. Ortega in San Diego. Class C, Case Backhoe, John Deer Backhoe

(2) Underground Technicians

(1) Underground Techs working for Pro Traffic in various areas of San Diego. Class C

(1) Underground Tech working 5/8's for PAR in San Diego. Class C. Installign gas & electric pipe. COnduit, concrete, and ashalt repair. Shoring

Journeyman Lineman
Book 1- 13
Book 2- 10
Book 3- 0

There were 4 Journeyman Lineman calls, and there is 1 call standing as seen above

Book 1- 4
Book 2- 2
Book 3- 2

There was 1 Transmission call, and there is 1 standing call as seen above

Substation Tech
Book 1- 2
Book 2- 1
Book 3- 24

There were no Substation Tech calls, and there are no standing calls

Equipment Specialist
Book 1- 12
Book 2- 2
Book 3- 5

There was 1 Equipment Specialist call, and there is 1 standing call as seen above

Book 1- 7
Book 2- 3
Book 3- 2

There were no Fabricator calls, and there are no standing calls

Book 1- 69
Book 2- 12
Book 3- 103

There were 2 Groundman calls, and there are no standing calls

Underground Operator
Book 1 and 2 - 12

There were 6 Underground Operator call, and there are 5 standing calls as seen above.

Underground Tech
Book 1- 35
Book 2- 27

Book 3- 251

There were 9 Underground Tech calls, and there are 2 standing calls as seen above.

SCE/Local 47 SCE Wage and Non-Wage Economics Bargaining Concludes
Updated On: Sep 13, 2017


The second day of bargaining involving the SCE Wage and Working Conditions Agreement and Standalone SCE agreements for Surveyors, Air Operations and Logistics began at the Sheraton Fairplex Hotel in Pomona. 

Those attending for Edison were Steve Crowell (Manager of Labor Relations), Jenny Sievers (Edison Law Department) and Greg Ferree (Vice President T&D).

For the Union, Edwin Rodgers (CMA Alhambra), Greg Brown (Lineman Redlands), Jeff Statom (Troubleman Huntington Beach), Terrance Bynum (Troubleman Long Beach), Tyrone Chamois (Lineman Ontario) Pat Lavin (Business Manager) Mitch Smith and Mike Moore (Local 47 Staff) & Doug DeDea (former SCE Labor Relations Manager & #47 consultant).

The afternoon began with discussion over the one remaining issue remaining on the table, WAGES. You might recall that at the first day of bargaining from last week the wage bargaining was stalled with the Union proposing an across the board increase of 4.5% for 2018 and 4.5% for 2019.  With the Company at 2.5% and 2.5%.

In addition, we reminded the Company that an issue that must be addressed was the Housing Allowance for our members on Catalina Island.  We had just learned prior to the start of the bargaining that all management on the island have been receiving (we don’t know for how long) a $1500 per month housing allowance in addition to the Island Travel Allowance.  We want to see the same payment each month for our members.  It was later agreed that the issue would be taken up via an Article 3 Section M (mid-term bargaining) at a future date.

During the afternoon the Company began with an offer to increase both years by 2.75%.  The Union Committee informed the Company that that was not good enough.  We believed the Increase Escalator in the GRC with the CPUC (2.82% in '18 & 2.79% in '19) provided more room than what they were offering.

After a number of lengthy discussions between the parties the Company came in with its last best and final offer of 3.0% increase for January 1, 2018 retroactive to the first pay period in October of 2017 and 3.0% increase effective January 1, 2019.  With the early implementation date of October 2017 that equates to a non-compound increase for both years of 6.75%.

After a brief caucus the Union Committee responded by stating that it would accept the Company’s offer and that the Committee was unanimously recommending it for ratification by the membership.

Below is a recap agreed to wage increase and the non-wage economic items that were previously agreed to at last week’s bargaining. 


January 1, 2018

January 1, 2019


3% (effective October 2017)


Safety Shoes

$155 (annually)

$160 (annually)

Safety Tools

$775 (annually)

$775 (annually)

Annual Tools

$100 (annually)

$100 (annually)

Catalina Travel Allowance

$1,300 (per month)

$1,350 (per month)

DJSR – Zone 1

$16.50 (per day)

$16.50 (per day)

DJSR – Zone 2

$27.50 (per day)

$27.50 (per day)

Temporary Base – Days Off Return Home

$27.50 (each way)

$27.50 (each way)

Temporary Base – In Lieu of Board and Lodging

$52.50 (per day)

$55 (per day)

Temporary Base – In Lieu of Lodging

$52.50 (per day)

$55 (per day)

Leadman Differential

$1.70 (per hour)

$1.70 (per hour)

Swingshift Differential

$1.48 (per hour)

$1.50 (per hour)

Graveyard Differential

$1.70 (per hour)

$1.70 (per hour)

The proposed agreement subject to membership acceptance will be sent out via mail ballot on Friday 9/15/17. Your ballot must be returned to the P.O. Box not later than Friday 9/29/17 for the ballot committee to conduct the count.

I wish to thank the bargaining committee listed below for the time and work that went into these negotiations.



/s/ Patrick Lavin

Business Manager/Financial Secretary


/s/ Edwin Rodgers          /s/ Greg Brown         /s/ Jeff Statom

/s/ Terrance Bynum         /s/ Tyrone Chamois

/s/ Mitch Smith        /s/ Mike Moore

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