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June 21, 2018
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IBEW Local 47 Job Information for Wednesday June 20, 2018

There are 3 Standing Calls

(3) Underground Eq Operator

(1) Underground Eq operator working 5/8's for A.M. Ortega in San Diego. Class C. 772 Blade Operator

(2) Underground Eq operator working for A.M. Ortega in San Diego. Class C, Case & John Deer Backhoe

(1) Underground Tech

(1) Underground Tech working 5/8's for Hotline Construction in Riverside. CDL A, Concrete finisher, forming & finishing concrete slabs

Journeyman Lineman
Book 1- 22
Book 2- 17
Book 3- 1

There were 11 Journeyman Lineman calls, including 1 NCCCO call. There are no standing calls

Book 1- 9
Book 2- 12
Book 3- 3

There was 1 Transmission call,  and there are no standing calls

Substation Tech
Book 1- 5
Book 2- 2
Book 3- 15

There were no Substation Tech calls, and there are no standing calls

Equipment Specialist
Book 1- 21
Book 2- 4
Book 3- 4

There were no Equipment Specialist calls, and there are no standing calls

Book 1- 5
Book 2- 2
Book 3- 2

There were no Fabricator calls, and there are no standing calls

Book 1- 80
Book 2- 7
Book 3- 146

There were 7 Groundman calls, including 4 short calls. There are no standing calls

Underground Operator
Book 1 and 2 - 6

There were 3 Underground Operator calls, and there are 3 standing call as seen above

Underground Tech
Book 1- 68
Book 2- 23

Book 3- 190

There were 2 Underground Tech calls, and there is 1 standing call as seen above

CPUC Hearings
Posted On: May 22, 2017
IBEW 47 members from our staff and officer ranks with Professional Electric and Petrelli Electric companies and various other contractors, coupled with members from Southern California Edison (SCE) and the City of Anaheim, along with IBEW #11 & #441 members, officers and staff, attended California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) public hearings held in Long Beach, Southgate, and Santa Ana. Other public forum hearings regarding SCE's General Rate Case were held as well in Lancaster and Azusa, earlier.

The purpose of these hearings during the General Rate Case (GRC) cycle and prior to the decision of the CPUC is to allow public comments from SCE’s ratepayers on their thoughts.

IBEW 47 and the Coalition of California Utility Employees (CCUE) always has some part and always wants to protect the ratepayers from gouging by ANY Investor Owned Utility (IOU), but also to ensure that SCE and other IOUs in CA have ample but reasonable resources to provide RELIABLE, SAFE electric service to their constituents, and resources to keep our 10,000 members working at their utility and utility construction jobs. We formally file to intervene in the rate cases to ensure the IOUs do the right thing with their money as outlined in the filings.

It seems as though some of our disgruntled contemporary members of organized labor (or disorganized labor, if you prefer) from LIUNA (the Laborers) and IUOE (Operating Engineers) took the hearings as an opportunity to bash both SCE and our Local Union and our members, simply because they want to STEAL our work. Plain and simple, nothing more or nothing less.

LIUNA and IUOE have the habit of driving by 50 non-union building trades jobs (the staple of their crafts) just to come raise hell and TRY TO STEAL OUR WORK!! They chanted, “Enough is enough” outside!! And I agree with that chant!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH OUT OF THESE KNUCKLEHEADED CLOWNS!!! Stay out of our yards and away from our members' livelihoods - GO FIND YOUR OWN BUILDING TRADES TYPE WORK!! And by the way, QUIT SNIVELING!!! They don't know the first thing about the utility or utility construction!!

And I can tell you they were pretty arrogant at the meetings when no one was there from IBEW to bark back - bullies are always like that!!!

But I can honestly tell you that through arrangements made by me as Business Manager of #47, we carved out 1,000,000 man hours putting 500 full time LIUNA and IUOE members to work on underground utility projects for SCE just last year!!! Guess that just isn't enough??!!

These jerk wads have filed endless actions, ad nauseum, with the NLRB and courts through various legal firms and we have beat them back appropriately at each instance. And we will continue to do so. They've even threatened their own members when we've had the courtesy and ability to put them to work!! Yes Bullies!! They are no more than Rats in Wolves' clothing!!! And we will treat them as such. And they had so many at the meetings because - THEY'RE ALL OUT OF WORK BECAUSE THE NON-UNION LABORERS AND OPERATORS ARE DOING THEIR BUILDING TRADES WORK IN THE INDUSTRIAL, COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL ARENAS!!!

PROTECT YOUR WORK!!! You get accosted by these MISCREANTS??? Tell them BEAT IT and crawl back into the hole they came from – then call us!!! They're just misguided know- nothing malcontents!

And shame on the CPUC for allowing them that type of forum at a CPUC hearing for days on end, letting them bitch, moan, snivel, cajole, whine and complain because we won't give away our own work!!! I told the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) that they hadn't uttered one word about the rate case issues, just about their fictitious unfounded dream of an asinine ongoing labor dispute that exists ONLY IN THEIR EMPTY HEADS!!

SCE has been around 127 years and IBEW has been here for 126 to keep them honest and straight!! And hey y'all – we ain't going nowhere!! We will be around at least for another 126!!!

Live well – work IBEW!! 730,000 members strong and growing every day!!


/s/ Patrick Lavin
Business Manager

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